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What are the tips for moving house for first time homeowners?

M.Moving to a new home? There is so much to do. It's best to follow a "to-do" list. This will keep your things in the right direction. The First time home buyer You may feel pressure when moving to a new home. But if you follow Moving house tipsIt seems to be perfect.

We all know that when it comes time to start that big move, you are equally excited and confused about how to get started. Moving Checklist Helps you to manage that big task with ease.

Running checklist:

Let's take a look at the things you need to take care of a month before you move.

  • Set a budget: Budget for moving and packing - initial Moving day tips homeowners Care should be taken. The budget for buying a new home should include the cost of moving house. After paying for a mortgage or immediate repair work, determine how much you can afford for your move. If you are going with a professional mover that requires a large amount of funds. Otherwise, you need to take care of yourself Packing and unpacking Plans.
  • Fix a running day: The closing day of your old home is often associated with legal paperwork. Find out The happiest day to move into a new home. This should be a few days before the closing day. Avoid weekends and holidays as professional moving agencies can be busy and more expensive. Once the day is settled, you can assign all tasks and dates to your running list.
  • Turn off unnecessary things, donate: Who wants to drag extra luggage into a new home? A useful Moving house tips How to get rid of unnecessary things. Go to every corner of your home and go for an extermination. Collect all the unnecessary things that you don't use year after year. Now, it's time to declutter them. The best thing you can do is to donate to a charity. On the other hand, what could be a better option than going for a garage sale? This will help you to pay for it Packing and unpacking New home schedule.
  • Ask for a professional mover: Deciding to hire a professional moving agency is the best option First time home buyer. But if you decide to do everything yourself, you will need to rent a truck. Look carefully at all the local options. See ratings and reviews online. Alternatively, you can ask your friends and family members for a reasonable and affordable recommendation. To find the best affordable option, call multiple moving and truck rental companies, ask for quotes. Hopefully, the Plan and checklist The optimization of moving to a new home will end successfully.
  • Start packing things: The sooner you start with the packing schedule, the better the whole thing will be. Follow a few DIY tips Keep things simple. You'll be amazed at how stressful it can be! First, you will need a box to hold things. Instead of buying multiple packing boxes, ask your friends if they have extra boxes. Otherwise, go to your local grocery store in the morning. Ask for the box needed to get rid of them.

Once, sort the boxes to hold the things you need, create one Checklist How everything is going to happen.

For example, you can start packing things up from a single house every week. Also, you can start with storage items that are not used every day and can be shipped a few days before the big running day.

You need to unpack your daily necessities first. So, keep them in hand so that you have easy access when you reach the new address.

DIY tips Include how you set a deadline for each of these assigned packing schedules for packing. This will ensure that everything goes accordingly.

Once you finish packing things in the box, you must be labeled You and your family members should know what is in each box. Create a system to remember them. The Homeowner tips and tricks Declare how efficiently you can label all packing boxes. Use different colored labeling tape or write in boxes with a vivid marker.

Here are some tips to help you move house:

You can make your ongoing work much easier with the following DIY tips.

Start with the big essentials: You have started packing your personal necessities like clothes, books, cosmetics, accessories, kitchen utensils, crockery sets, bath accessories and other small things in the packing box. Where to place them all? Soon all the empty space in your old house will be filled with sucking packing boxes. Just like all First time home buyers, Things will soon slip out of your possession. How to handle such chaos? A Checklist The big essentials you need right after moving to a new home. Sofas, lounge chairs, television sets, dining tables, kitchen chimneys, exhaust fans, room heaters and air-conditioning machines, beds, study tables, children's study units, workstations - everything needs to be packed and removed a few days before they grow up. . It's one Moving day tips homeowners Care should be taken.

  • Take special care of your pets: Plan for special care for your pets on the moving day. Everything will be easier without your four-legged house member.
  • Utility service transfer: To follow Homeowner tips and tricks When transferring daily utility services such as internet or cable connection to your television set. No one wants to walk in complete darkness. Ask your power agency, cable and internet providers about your last day at the old home and first day at the new address.

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Trickle Up vs. Trickle Down Fashion Trends – Through the Inclusion Perspective

Trickle down fashion trends

The trickle down fashion trend stems from the elite section of society and the trickle down to the public. Trickle down is expensive when introducing fashion trends so that only rich people can afford it. The trend is affordable to the general public when its innovation is exhausted and prices gradually decline - during this time, elite segments move into new fashion trends - which again reach the public over time, resulting in an uninterrupted fashion cycle that flows from the elite. Active is the lower economic class division.

Scene from Miranda Priestley The Devil Wars Prada Cerulian Sweater

Photo: The Devil Wears Prada Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp.

In The Devil Wars Prada, Miranda Priestley mentions Serulian's trickle-down trend to keep the fashion industry afloat. Miranda Priestley explains: “In 2002, Oscar de la Renta made a collection of Cerulian gowns. And then I think it's Yves Saint Laurent ... Didn't he show the Serulian military jacket? … .. and then Serulian quickly appeared in a collection of eight different designers. And then it was, ah, filtered through department stores and then moved on to some tragic casual corners where you undoubtedly got it out of some clearance bin. "

But is public fashion always driven by a handful of elite fashion insiders like Miranda Priestley? No.

Trickle up fashion trends

Trickle up fashion trends are born among the masses and flow from the lower economic class to the affluent segment. Jeans are a ubiquitous example of the trickle-up fashion trend - worn primarily by miners, factory workers, and peasants, gradually gaining acceptance among a wider audience, and jeans became a popular casual wear in America in the 1970's. The T-shirt is another trickle-up style that was originally limited to blue-collar workers but has certainly become a wardrobe staple because of its practicality and comfort.

Sharik Hasan in male ari lungi

Actor Sharik Hasan is wearing male Ari's dropped lungi

Trickle down exclusivity vs. trickle up exclusivity

Trickle down fashion trends are excluded where a certain trend becomes undesirable at the moment it reaches the public. Trickle down fashion involves a clear hierarchy of upper and lower roles where the former seeks to differentiate from the latter. In trickle down themes, the elites maintain the status quo by playing the role of fashion innovators exclusively while the general public is given the role of fashion followers.

In contrast to the exclusive-driven trickle-down fashion, trickle-up trends stem from inclusive cultural exchanges and public unity. Although trickle down fashion is not even tolerable, trickle up fashion is taking over. Trickle down is fashion fascism where trickle up is freedom. Trickle up is freedom from trickle down elitism. It finds release in inclusion. In a world where everyone wants to be different, the most different thing is to celebrate unity. The celebration of the fashion of unity should not be mistaken for a lack of individualism. Historically, revolutions like punk, hippie, Dravidian self-respect movement, etc. have given us new ideas which were individualistic, rebellious, free, experimental and critical of tradition.

Men's Ari Lungi Fashion Installation

Trickle-up fashion installation by male Eri

Trickle across fashion theory

Mass production and mass communication are relatively democratized fashions. In the age of streetstyle and fashion influencers, fashion pundits believe in the spread of fashion theory which says that fashion trends simultaneously decrease and increase. In the age of communication, it is important to achieve social visibility in order for a style to emerge as a trend through mediums like movies, pop culture, magazines etc. Despite the presence of democratic digital platforms, inclusion has not yet been reflected in the power structure controlling the fashion industry, and therefore, the inspirations are going to be largely elite, urban and white (or Brahmanical in the Indian context). Any attempt to draw inspiration from such non-diversity white / Brahmanical groups often leads to cultural allotments and thefts, without representation of the community from which the style / culture originated.


Simple packing errors are made by travelers which you can avoid

If you're excited about going on vacation somewhere far away, you're probably focusing on what you'll do when you arrive, what you'll see, and how much better it would be to look around and take something away from work.

However, before you go to your destination, it is important to pack carefully, so you make the most of your luggage. Consider the following common packing mistakes that many travelers make that you want to avoid because you ticked this task off your to-do list.

Floor-of-luggage-on-preparation-family-va-2021-08-29-01-24-19- utc

Mistake: Choosing a suitcase that is too big

Although it is normal to pick a large suitcase so that you can easily fit in your gear and there is space left to buy clothes or souvenirs etc., be careful not to get too big. Remember that you need to carry a suitcase around when you travel, which can be annoying and cause drama.

Also, you may only be allowed to carry a suitcase of a certain size and weight on planes and other transports, which means that a large bag may be rejected or you may have to pay for extra luggage due to your accumulated weight. Choose the next size from your initial choice of a suitcase and you are sure that the size will be able to work with some planning and clinging. The smaller the bag you carry with you, the easier your trip will be.

Mistake: Failed to pack versatile clothing

Another common mistake many travelers make when packing is not thinking about and planning which clothing items will go with others. You want to choose a gear that will match multiple other pieces so that you can get a lot of clothing from a few things. For example, some fun graphic tees can be paired with shorts or skirts to go around all day, paired with jeans for casual night out or barbecue party or leggings for comfort in transit.

You will also want to choose clothes that are versatile to work with for many occasions, so that they can be arranged for accessories, heels, a beautiful bag and more casual time as needed. Think of the versatility of weather and temperature.

Mistake: Speed ​​up the packing process

We are all busy and on vacation, often doubling, because we try to do more work and other things than usual before we go away. However, regardless of how much is on your plate, try to determine what will pack well before you leave. One common mistake people make is rushing the packing process and forgetting items or packing things they don't need.

The more time you allow yourself to create a checklist, choose the gear, pack it in your bag and then go through everything again to find things that you can leave a second thought, the better. Give yourself time to be smart, detail-oriented and thoughtful in your packing, so you don't waste space in your bag or get caught without important items while away.

Mistake: Not learning about local culture and customs at the destination

Before you embark on a journey to a new place, especially one known for its very different culture and customs, stop and think about how the differences in clothing may translate. That is, you have to cover your shoulders, arms, neck, legs or other parts to avoid entering buildings or creating scenes or even being arrested?

Do you need to pack a shawl or other covering for some destinations and not for others, or make sure you have some long trousers or a long skirt etc? It is better and easier to plan for these needs in advance when packing than to face problems once you reach your destination.

Mistake: Carrying brand new shoes with you

Most of us enjoy buying new shoes and going on vacation can be a great excuse to add to our stock. However, it is not wise to take shoes with you that you have never worn before. What you want is a trip from shoes that are damaged by painful blisters or wrinkled toes, etc. that are not as comfortable as you might expect. For example, always take at least a few days or where possible to wear shoes before packing.

The better you can avoid these mistakes and other mistakes related to packing for long distance travel, the smoother things will go for you and you will be able to concentrate on exploding while exploring a different destination.


The unique idea of ​​celebrating Holi during an epidemic

H.Oli-Rang festival is celebrated in every corner of India. Festival means celebrating with colors, communicating with everyone and sharing joy with each other. Hundreds Holi celebration Organized every year where people come and celebrate with their friends and family members. Now the question is how to organize Celebrating Holi during Corona? With the increase in the number of Kovid-19 cases, it now seems difficult to gather hundreds of people in one place. Everyone should follow the Covid-19 guidelines of the state and the center when planning the celebration. Wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance from others - these are the most beneficial Incidents to remember In celebration of Holi during the epidemic.

Why is Holi celebrated?

Holi is a famous Hindu festival. It is popularly known as "Festival of Colors", "Festival of Love" and "Festival of Spring". It has been a popular festival among the Hindu community since ancient times. The Holi celebrations begin with the "Holika Dahan" festival the night before Holi. The next morning, the real celebration begins The color of holi.

It’s a spring festival that’s done with color. People throw paint and wet each other with water. Colorful water guns, water filled balloons are used to play Holi. Friends or complete strangers, children, the elderly, the rich or the poor - when nothing matters The color of holi The celebration has begun. Open streets, temples, parks, building complexes - people were celebrating everywhere. Musical shows often take place in such large communities. In general, Natural colors Used instead of artificial.

There is a tradition of meeting family and friends with this box Sweet Once upon a time Gifts and sweets distributed At the end of the ritual, people then share food, drinks and other special Holi food.

Holika Dahan story

Holika Dahan Kahini: It is a festival where people gather in one place, performing rituals completely in front of the fire. People compile the dried branches and leaves of the tree, set it on fire and start Holi celebration. They then begin to pray to God to destroy their inner demon and the evil forces around them as Holika was destroyed by fire. The The story of Holika Dahan It is said that Holika, the sister of the giant king Hiranyakashipur, was destroyed by fire. The demon king had a son - Prahlad who was a true devotee of Lord Vishnu. By celebrating the Holika Dahan, the people here celebrate the symbolic victory of good over evil forces - the victory of Prahlad over the Hiranyakashipura demon.

If you ask Why the holy is celebrated- Multiple stories you will learn. The most popular of these are the following theories.

  1. It celebrates the divine love of Radha and Lord Krishna. There is a popular story in Braj region - Vrindavan, Mathura etc. Holly ideas According to the realm of the story, in his youth Lord Krishna was disappointed if the fair skinned Radha loved him as he was black skinned. Yashoda - Krishna's mother told him to go to his love, tell him to paint his face - the color he wants. After that ritual, they became a couple. Since then, such a humorous ritual has been celebrated as Holi.
  2. According to the Bhagavata Purana, Holi celebration Indication of the victory of good over evil - when Vishnu appeared in the incarnation of Narasimha to conquer the giant king Hiranyakashipu. He had a son Prahlad - he was a true devotee of Lord Vishnu. The demon king received a special gift - he was given five special powers. With this power, Hiranyakashipu became arrogant and wanted everyone to worship him alone. But Prahlad did not agree. Then the angry monster subjected her son to cruel punishment. Then Holika came and plotted to burn the boy. But Prahlad survived and Holika was burnt. Then Vishnu Narasimha appeared as an incarnation to destroy Hiranyakashipu.

Play Safe Holi: Follow the Covid-19 Guide:

Holi celebration during Corona Should be restricted to public areas. According to the newly published guidelines, many states have already banned all private and public celebrations of Holi and related Gifts and sweets distributed Conduct is more important to ensure human safety. Strict action is being taken against the culprits. A few Incidents to remember When planning to celebrate Holi during the epidemic.

  • It is compulsory to wear a face mask while walking Holi celebration. If you are suffering from cold, cough or mild fever, avoid attending the celebration.
  • Make sure no one attends the celebration with such symptoms.
  • Play in small groups with your loved ones instead of attending a large gathering with many strangers.
  • Try playing with dry colors instead of water colors.
  • When it comes down to it Natural vs. artificial colors, Always go for natural and herbal colors.
  • Avoid hugs and handshakes, strictly maintain social distance.
  • If possible, keep children away from such Holi celebrations.
  • Wash your hands, face and mouth before eating anything with your hands.
  • If you are going to the house of your relatives or friends Gifts & Sweets Make sure you always wear your mask.

With those in mind, you can play a safe holi during the Covid-19 epidemic. We should prepare ourselves to adapt to every adverse situation in our life.

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Evolution and history of gender neutral fashion and clothing Male Ori |

Evolution and history of gender neutral fashion and clothing Male Ori | TEDx Chennai - Male Eri

5 Tips for Closing a DIY Valentine’s Day Date

So, you've got a date for Valentine's Day, but then you realize that most institutions are fully booked. You and your date are not even in the upcoming romantic movie showing the movie hall. What are you doing now Be sure to set up a DIY Valentine's date instead.

The DIY route is perfect for those last minute, tight-budget dates. You don't have to pay for an expensive dinner-out bill for a one-day affair. And you don't have to go far. You may already have some ideas, but you may be wondering how to make your date extra special.

DIY Valentine's Day Date

Don't bother; This list is here to help! Here are some tips to keep your DIY V-Day date completely off:

  1. Use fresh flowers

Nothing loses the natural beauty of authentic flowers. Fresh flowers are a staple of any Valentine's date. They also make a sweet and beautiful Valentine's Day gift. Decorate your home with fresh flowers to elevate the romantic atmosphere to celebrate your stay at home. In addition to the common red rose, you can choose one with a specific meaning, such as:

  • The pink orchid, which symbolizes pure affection
  • The red carnation, which symbolizes praise and deep love
  • White daisy, a symbol of loyal love and patience

If you do not like strong scents, you can choose a light scented flower instead. Go with calla lilies or tulips; They pop into the room that pop is easy on the nose without sacrificing.

Now the big thing about buying flowers is that you can do it online. Buying plants online is easy and will not take you much time. Just make sure the flowers that catch your eye come from a reputable source and are fresh when they arrive. Fresh flowers beat artificial flowers any day, so use nature's gift for that special day with your loved one.

  1. Cure your playlist

Increase your mood by playing background music that matches your Valentine's Day Idea theme. A quick search of your favorite streaming app will give you a pre-made playlist for any V-Day night. But if you want to make things more personal, create your own playlist that includes songs that both of you like.

If your partner trusts you enough to let you go through their phone, load their playlist with more songs they think they'll enjoy. New tunes could become their next favorite song to play on repetition. But to stay safe, play music directly from your phone. Your partner will appreciate it both ways.

When you are in it, make some space in the living room or bedroom. The songs on your Valentine's playlist can be so romantic that the two of you can dance slowly (or jam out) at a young age.

  1. Cook a meal

Valentine's Day is one of those days when booking a restaurant is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is almost impossible for a couple to find a good place with free slots. If you lack the foresight to reserve a seat, relax and take a deep breath. You’ve got a kitchen at home and can still cook something great.

Start with breakfast in bed for your partner. Why not try to flatten their usual favorites? For example, if they enjoy pancakes in the morning, make heart-shaped flapjacks topped with chocolate syrup and fresh berries. Check out these other Valentine's Day breakfast ideas to prepare more romantic meals.

You can cook lunch or dinner yourself or make spicy things by cooking together. This is a great way to connect and learn how the two of you can work as a team in the kitchen. Try cooking each other's favorite foods or cooking something new. Then after a hearty meal, open that bottle of wine to close your romantic night.

  1. Hobby together

You and your partner may fall in love with each other because of a shared hobby. If you do, V-Day is the perfect time to do those things together.

Prepare your console and spend the day playing games. You can try a multiplayer game to test your teamwork or thinking skills. Or go to old school and delete the board game you wanted to play again. Board games are also an intimate activity for couples. You can make things more exciting by making some fun bets.

If you are both artists, create art together. Take out your paint tubes, brushes and sheets of paper and challenge each other in a drawing competition. See who can recreate their favorite cartoon characters in a short time or create a new character by drawing body parts in turn. You get a lot of smiles when you do something that you both enjoy.

  1. Give heartfelt gifts

Gifts are given during Valentine's Day. Couples around the world make a point to offer something from the hearts of their lovers on this special day. Giving your partner a gift shows them how much they value you and how much you appreciate them. Cards and flowers are acceptable as V-Day gifts, but you can always give something good.

DIY Valentine's Day Date

Many people appreciate receiving practical gifts. Give your girlfriend a home spa kit or care box filled with their favorite snacks that they will definitely love. Your partner, who may be an avid reader, will be happy to find the book you saw in their online shopping cart. Some of the best Valentine gifts are quite simple and will not let you break your bank. So, you don't have to worry about giving something expensive. Think that it counts, after all.

It does not sweat

Valentine's Day is a one day affair that puts a lot of people on their toes. But you don't have to panic on the day of love and romance. Sometimes, a DIY romantic date is enough to make things more personal and intimate. And by applying the tips above for a V-Day date in your home, you will have a great night to remember.


Review of online learning or learning platforms

Ohnline platforms offer a great opportunity to learn on your own calendar. Whether you want to learn a new skill or just certify a random thing - Online education The apps are the best. For the past two years, while we've all been fighting Kovid-19, everything has been working on the Internet. You should look The best apps To learn and Teaching. Online platforms help people complete a course faster, saving money by choosing virtual classes rather than physical classes. One study found that a person can learn online about 40% faster than a physical class.

An online Content learning One may be related to a certification course, the others are designed to enhance your current professional skills. Also, you can take personal fitness courses to develop your personal life.

Let's not know everything here- Advantages and disadvantages of online learning And sign up for the best.

Advantages of Online Learning Opportunities during Covid-19:

Because of the Kovid-19 epidemic, we all spend most of our time at home. Whether it's schooling, learning, teaching, extracurricular activities, office work - everything is happening online. Here are some of the most effective:

  • It is flexible: You can study from the security of your own home. Teachers and students alike can set learning schedules according to their agendas. It offers a good balance. While reading online, you will learn time management skills.
  • More affordable: Online Teaching tools Save a lot of money. This eliminates the need to travel from one place to another. A separate set-up cost is also eliminated when working online. Selection for those students Online education Continue saving platforms, tuition fees, school uniforms, logistics charges and communication fees. They are now arranged to join their class from home.
  • It is accessible: One of the most important The benefits of online education during an epidemic Its accessibility. Online schooling and classes enable you to join from anywhere in the world. There is no need to physically move from one place to another or to follow a pre-determined schedule. Whether you are a teacher or a student - everything goes perfectly according to your own schedule. The most interesting thing is that you are not only saving time but also saving money, which can be allocated to other priorities. Most An online learning platform for elementary students Offer a virtual classroom that can be accessed anywhere with a simple connection to the Internet. Now, you can study while exploring new places. There is no need to leave one for the other.
  • Develop a new skill: Study and Content learning Helps you develop your fitness skills. In the online schooling system, you are the only monitor to keep an eye on yourself. Self-discipline, self-motivation, timeliness and good communication skills - you need to develop such personal skills in order to take up such a new education system. You get leverage to grow your business faster as you enter the workplace.
  • A customized learning experience: Online classes often require different types of access for students and teachers Teaching tools Such as educational videos, slideshows, still images, downloaded e-books, etc. It also offers the option of integrating online discussion forums to thoroughly improve a pre-educated lesson. As online Teaching Classes tend to be smaller than conventional classrooms, allowing for a better interaction strategy between teachers and students.

A survey says that about 90% of students prefer to learn online rather than the conventional physical classroom experience. Each of the students with a unique situation, needs and future goals. The The best apps Offers a variety of options for online education that traditional education systems cannot offer.

Advantages and disadvantages of learning and teaching online:

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of online learning will help make an institute more efficient Online Learning Platform for Education - To distribute lessons more efficiently.

As we discussed above, the advantages of online learning system, let's examine the disadvantages of online. Teaching tools.

  • More screen-time: In 2022, online classes will be the main reason for the sharp increase in screen-time. Excessive screen-time leads to various physical ailments such as headaches, poor eyesight and poor posture for a long time.
  • Prone to technical problems: Technical issues are the most annoying when attending an online class. A bad internet connection can interrupt and disconnect Online learning platform is free Online lessons. A buffering video or muted audio may not be a good learning medium. As the internet connection has improved all over the world, such confusion has got a limit. But the same thing happens in remote rural areas.
  • Difficult for students in remote areas: Online classes do not seem to be very effective for students in remote villages where they do not have fast internet connection. Even electricity is not their regular habit.
  • Online education can cause social isolation: Everyone has their own limitations. Some of them find it effective when studying from home Online learning application. But it can be difficult for others to enjoy studying while away from the student body and campus.
  • Lots of self-motivation needed: It also creates personal problems among students as they can easily be distracted by social media and other entertainment sites. Just a click away from these online study materials. The better the online platform and the upgraded software used, the more attentive the students will be.
  • Online teachers need additional training: Online Teaching Creating a successful learning session requires extra effort from teachers. They need additional training sessions to tackle technical aspects and manage students simultaneously online. Teaching tools.

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Lungi vs. Vetti – Thamiz cinema costume is a race and class superstition

A look at how race and class dynamics have influenced the portrayal of Lungi and Vetti in the movie Thamiz.

There is a complete contrast in the portrayal of Lungi and Vetti in the movie Thamiz. For many decades, the white vetie entity has enjoyed the status of a respectable traditional costume for the protagonists of Thamiz films. Whereas, the Thamiz film industry has reduced the lungi to the goons' dirty clothes or TASMAC dance sequences, creating a stereotypical on-screen image for the costumes. However, famous filmmakers like Pa Ranjit, Vetrimaran and Marie Selvaraj have changed a paradigm in the portrayal of lungi in Thamiz movies. In Thamiz blockbuster Carnan, the protagonist Dhanush wears a printed and checked lungi as he bravely rebels against the systematic oppression of caste. Actor Dhanush also popularized lungi in critically acclaimed films like Adukalam, Vada Chennai and Asuran. The versatile wasit-rap outfit appeared as a ragging style statement on the silver-screen when superstar Rajinikanth wore a black coil / lungi in a black movie. With the recent spotlight on the lungi in the Thamiz film, the modest outfit is challenging the underlying caste and class prejudice.

Actor Dhanush wearing lungi in Karnan movie.

Actor Dhanush wearing lungi in Karnan movie.

Lungi and veti are both traditional Thamiz cultural clothing derived from Kiladai - a waist-length undergarment worn by Thamiz people until the Middle Ages. The white vetis with decorative borders are notable in the Choja murals restored by Telugu heroic rulers in the 16th-17th centuries. The Brahmins and other influential non-Brahmin castes of the Nayak society wore panchakachcham and mulakachcham dhoti, which were wrapped around the waist, wrapped around the front, passed through the middle of the legs and tapped on the back. The lower caste people of the racial class wore a veil which was a rather short cloth which was tied around their waist in a tube-silhouette without the middle of the legs. In the colonial era, zamindars and bureaucrats working under the British combined ankle-length white dhoti and vetis with British clothing such as blazers, jackets and long coats.

Statue of King Tirumala Nayaka wearing dhoti  17th century, Madurai

Statue of King Tirumala Nayaka wearing dhoti 17th century, Madurai

The ankle-length white veil that symbolized the dominant color fashion over the years appeared in the 80s-90s Kollywood films as a dignified garment of the Thames man that promoted color arrogance and dominance. Thalaivar Rajinikanth Yezaman wore a primitive Vetti-sattai in the film where he played the role of a village headman. Action hero Vijayakanta notoriously wore white veti-sattai at Chinna Gounder where he played the role of village zamindar. Actor Saratkumar Nattamai donated a white vet for the role of village head in the film. Saratkumar also played Vetti-Sattai Luke for the role of Shaktivel Gounder in Suryavamsam. In Thevar Magan, London-educated Shaktivel, starring Kamal Hassan, trades in his western shirt and trousers for white veti-sattai when he inherited the role of village chief from his father. In the Mani Ratnam movie Nayakan, actor Kamal Hasan is looking from head to toe for the role of Dharavi's vigilant gangster Velu Nike. Paan Ranjit's Kala, which is also set in Dharavi, re-imagines Rajinikanth wearing a black kaili / lungi. According to Marie Selvaraj, the elderly who are accustomed to the oppression of the hegemonic caste wear veti and thandu and dress equally with the savarna hegemony. In contrast, Puliankulam's more rebellious youth are depicted in lungi - where the fabric symbolizes their incompatibility with established satirical politics.

Superstar Rajinikanth is wearing a lungi in black and Vetti in Yejaman

Superstar Rajinikanth wearing Kylie / Lungi in Kala and Vetti in Yejaman

Lungi boasts a much larger trade history and global presence than Vetis. In the early 12th century, Thames merchants exported small checked scarves to the Middle East where it was known by the Persian word "lungi". The waist-wrapped garment, commonly known as "Kylie" or "Saram", was invented by the East India Company in the 17th century. Checked Kylie was popularly worn by Muslim men, and cut and tight bodies were made by Tamiz women. The most lucrative textiles exported as checked Made Cotton, "Madras Cotton" or "Madras Check" were woven and exported from colonial India. The demand for lightweight and comfortable Madras cloth was so high in the West that local European textile tycoons appealed to their government to reduce its imports. Due to the popularity of Madras Czech, countries like Switzerland, Japan and Korea created "Imitation Madras" for which the East India Company responded with "Real Madras Handcarchis" also known as RMHK. Madras checks first arrived in the United States in the 18th century and later became a symbol of American luxury in the 1930s. Handkerchiefs and Kylis were the two main product lines of Madras cloth and by the 20th century, Kylie's demand surpassed that of handkerchief replicas, leading to the rise in popularity of modern lungi. In the 21st century, the lungi is a very formal wear in Myanmar. The waist-wrapping dress is also popular in Islamic countries in the Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia, where Muslims wear lungi in the mosque - a dress where they pray.

In an interesting contrast to the concept, lungis are undesirable in many temples across India. Lungi is banned in some cinema halls, hotels, restaurants and other elite places in India. The clothes we wear are influenced by various socio-cultural factors including caste and class structure. The positive portrayal of lungi in New Age Thameez movies is just a small but significant step in changing the racist and racist notion associated with clothing.

Black lungi


Here are 10 cool ways to style your outfit with a jacket

A jacket is a must-have item in any outfit regardless of the season. A jacket adds a final touch to any outfit, whether paired with a casual t-shirt or skirt. In addition, it can be worn to enhance your style and keep your body warm. So if you are struggling to pair jackets with different outfits and need some inspiration, look no further. We'll show you how to wear it The best winter jackets for women With different outfits in this post.

  1. Solid denim jacket with fancy inner: Winter is the season of piles, so wear clothes that flatter your figure. Don’t be afraid to wear a shiny shiny shirt under your denim jacket. It is fashionable and maintains a balance between serenity and opulence. This style is ideal for night outs, and it adds warmth and sparkle to your look without making you heavy.
  1. White shirt and puffer jacket: Wear a puffer jacket with a white shirt to look fashionable without abandoning your refined style. When the sophistication of the white shirt is combined with the beauty of the black puffer jacket, it creates an eye-catching look.
Style Tips for College Men: 11 Practical Tips to Look Good |  Warm Winter Jackets, Winter Jackets Men's Casual, Best Puffer Jackets
  1. With a simple T-shirt and a lively Nehru jacket: This is one of the most popular and fashionable way to wear Nehru jacket. Wear a simple shirt and trousers and cover with a multi-colored Nehru jacket to make your outfit more attractive. Mehndi function or this traditional dress for Independence Day celebration will make you look stunning.
  1. A simple white T-shirt and a leather jacket: How can we miss the "leather jacket", the king of all winter styles? Do nothing to improve your appearance; Instead, wear a leather jacket to give your body a stronger touch.
  1. Denim trousers, a bomber jacket and a T-shirt: Bomber jacket gives you a stylish look. How do you want to learn? Take a color-blocked bomber jacket and wear it with denim trousers and a T-shirt.
  1. Parka jackets and leggings in lightweight fabric: Parka jackets made of polyester are ideal for working women. It looks great with a pair of skinny fur pants. A long jacket will look gorgeous if you wear a suit.
  1. Peplam jacket with black jacket: It is challenging to detect The best winter jackets for women Suitable for office settings. Wearing a peplum jacket with black trousers elevates your professional attire to a new height of style.
  1. White trousers and yellow contrasting jacket: Are you looking for the perfect picnic outfit? If so, wear a yellow contrasting jacket with white pants. It will give you a vibrant look without taking away from your influential style.
  1. A black denim jacket is worn with a black denim skirt: When black is combined with other blacks, it creates a smoky effect. Pair a black denim skirt with a denim jacket if you want.
  1. Trousers and a padded hooded jacket: A padded jacket is comfortable and great for anyone to see. This dress looks more sophisticated and stylish, giving you a perfectly chic look.

We hope this list of the best winter jackets for women has made your day. So set, go and shop your style now!


7 Important Things You Must Know About Canada

CAnada has a complete package to offer visitors, ranging from wonderful natural wonders to busy cities. When you are thinking of going to Canada, you must remember some things that will make your trip smoother and ensure that you have a great time.

Like any other country, these are some of the things that are different from India that you can't expect. It is best to be prepared for any situation without falling into the trap. Here is a guide for those who are going to Canada for the first time.

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What you need to know about going to Canada for the first time

  1. It feels cold - Canada is the second largest country in the world, due to the differences in the weather in this country. Even in the summer season it can get cold at night. Carry plenty of warm clothing, including scarves, hats, or earmuffs, and be prepared for snow if you go on a winter trip. Pack your clothes and shoes, remember that you may have to go through knee-deep snow. Temperatures are high on Canada's west coast but not enough to survive without warm clothing.
  2. Learn basic French - Most Canadians speak English, and you can get it easily. However, there are still some people, especially from the Quebec region, who speak French. Canada is a melting pot of culture, and it is advisable to know some basic phrases in French. If you can't remember these sentences, you can always note them down on your phone and use them in a pinch.

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  • Get travel insurance - There are excellent healthcare projects for Canadians. However, if you just visit, it can cost you a hefty sum. That's why getting travel insurance is essential. This protects you from spending money due to unforeseen circumstances. If you are looking for the best fit for yourself, you need to look at travel insurance online options to see everything available in the market. Travel insurance protects you from passport theft, luggage loss, medical emergencies and other such situations that can keep you in a foreign country.
  • Explore the natural beauty - Canada has beautiful hills, lakes, valleys and national parks to offer. Here are some of Canada's favorite spots - Lake Lewis, Banff National Park, Big Moody Badlands, Saskatchewan, Red Sands, Prince Edward Island, Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, British Columbia. This is a popular site for overnight camping.

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  • Sell ​​taxes and tips in Canada - Canadians are known worldwide for being polite, and Canadian hospitality is paramount. Unlike in India, service charges are not added to your bill. Although tipping is completely optional, you are expected to tip about 15% to 20% of the bill. Other than that, you won't be surprised to see extra sales tax on the bill. In addition, different provinces have their own taxes. Depending on where you are in Canada, your bill could easily be more than 15% of the total value. Remember, when you buy an item in a store, tax is added when you bill.
  • Keep visa documents in hand - Indians must have a visa when going to Canada. When traveling to Canada, you need to present your paperwork immediately at the airport whenever requested. That's why you need to have a receipt of payment along with the visa application for Canada visit visa from India. With the new rules, you may need a copy of your recent RT-PCR test that you took within 48 hours of landing in Canada. So, you should cross check all your documents and try to keep them in hand luggage to avoid confusion.

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  • Transportation in Canada - Canada is a beautiful country and spread across different time zones. If you are looking for a way to get around the country, then driving is a good option. Driving can be difficult in winter. That is why it is important to look at other options for traveling within the country. You can book flights, you can use railways, buses, ferries, trams, subways and taxis. You can also walk or cycle through the local area.

This checklist will not only allow you to prepare for a trip to Canada, but it can also give you an idea of ​​what you need to pack, how much cash you should have on hand, how you can budget, and what to look for in travel insurance. Etc. And so while you are enjoying the sights in Canada, it is important to keep in mind your safety and convenience.

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