8 pairs of shoes every stylish man needs

Although you may have survived your teenage years with a pair of sneakers, as an adult you need multiple shoes to navigate different social situations. In fact, you should have at least eight pairs of shoes in your closet, as mentioned here:

Brown Brogues
The name “brog” comes from the Gaelic word for shoes, but today, “brogging” refers to the ornamental holes that characterize these shoes. You can find brogues with more or less broguing; Usually, Brog newcomers prefer dark brown plainer shoes, but if you like the eye-catching look, you can get a complete brogue in a tan or cognac shade. The brilliance of the brogues is that they instantly go down or under any outfit, giving you a comfortable, smart-casual look that fits almost any occasion.

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Desert boots
Chukka is also said to be a desert boot, an ankle-height dress-casual shoe that looks great with dark-washed denim but also fits a suit appropriately. You will usually find suede or leather chukkas of different colors; Light colors tend to be more casual while darker colors are more formal. Desert boots are incredibly comfortable and effortlessly stylish, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you buy more than one pair of this type of shoe.

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Brown loafers
Long ago, loafers were a favorite of the older generation of cool shoes, but today, loafers are a cool, comfortable shoe suitable for summer. Like the previous two pairs, loafers are flexible footwear that can be divided into formal and casual. Brown is a versatile color that will make these shoes more wearable, but you can choose your own stylish details, such as tassel, penis, perforation and more. Although there is some controversy, wearing socks with loafers is usually bad, as it can make shoes look old and messy.

Ordinary sneaker
You need a pair of stylish sneakers – and unlike what you can hear, they don’t have to be brand-name, limited edition, investor pieces. In fact, the more minimalist your sneakers, the better. A simple sneaker is an essential alternative to a flip-flop, slide or something significantly more unstylish summer shoes. A neutral-colored canvas or suede pair will always be in style and it will look great to wear, especially with casual and comfortable clothing.

Official Oxford
If you only have one pair of formal shoes, it’s best to have a pair of black oxfords. Also called Blucher or Balmoral, these shoes can have closed or open laces but should have a classic round toe for timeless style and more comfort. You will wear your Oxford only for very formal occasions, official work events or important social gatherings. Since you are likely to have these shoes for a lifetime, you can budget hundreds of dollars to make sure you get a durable, comfortable and stylish pair.

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Brown leather boots
Men’s leather boots come in all sizes and styles, but they always add something special to your outfit, such as ruggedness or rebellion. Depending on your general aesthetics, you can choose stylish dress boots like Wintip boots or casual work boots like utility boots. However, you should try to wear your boots often, especially in inclement weather, to give them a certain amount of character.

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A monkstrap is a slip-on shoe without laces that can have a single, double or triple strap that holds the shoe to your foot. Because of their unique appearance, the monks tend to be divided; Some men think their adults are the equivalent of velcro sneakers, others prefer the shoe’s idiosyncrasy. If you bought a pair of Monkstrap for your closet, you should pair them with pants so that there are no breaks, so that the attractive laces of the shoes can shine.

Chelsea boots
A Chelsea boot is an ankle boot with an elastic side panel, which makes them easier to turn on and off than other boot styles. Since Chelsea boots lack cluttered details like lace, straps and toe caps, they boast a simple and chic silhouette that is missing from men’s shoe fashion. When you don’t want to worry about what your shoes are saying, you can choose Chelsea boots.

Since you have multiple occasions to wear your shoes as an adult, you need more than one shoe. These eight options should cover every outing in any season so that you stay stylish all year round.

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