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Top 5 best urban crops to ruin your college look

There is more to crop tops than just uncovered waists. Urban crop tops have been a craze among women lately. Organic crop tops have become the ideal replica for skirt sets, the perfect outline for a puff-sleeved shirt and the incredible partner of high-midriff jeans.

If you’re okay with showing off a little skin this late spring (or not!), Opt for organic crop tops that let you look from a 90s club.

We’re currently hopping in styles that go beyond a basic tank top or a t-shirt; Therefore, the tops of urban crops are the savior.

There are varieties of organic crop tops such as brightly colored puffed sleeve organic crop tops, one shoulder organic crop tops or just basic graphic organic crop tops!

Urban crop tops are like a mood board! How? Here's how!

A happy mood - swollen sleeves organic crop tops

A casual mood - graphic printed organic crop tops

Not a very cheerful mood - it will shine just as you wear crop shirts by Urban.

So, here we bring you our favorite organic crop tops that women must keep their mood right!

  1. A cutout crop top

Could it be a cut in the front or a cut in the back that could flash your collarbone? Cutout crop tops have been a trend lately. And Urbanic has you covered your crop tops with bright colors and unique cuts so you can wear them anywhere and create a fashion statement.

  1. A wrapped crop

Wrap tops are a significant crush for women who struggle with size issues. But wrapped tops are usually long and seem quite annoying! But that’s why we have urban. It has a wrapped crop top and is very adorable when worn. These are for your exact size and made with the best fabrics that give you comfort.

  1. A crop shirt!

These are actually a frenzy and a sought after for every woman out there. Of course, crop shirts have a special place in our hearts and in our wardrobes, but the truth is, we are all annoyed by the tough and boring shirts we usually get. On the other hand, crop shirts with prints like organic animals and flowers have printed even minimalist cartoons! I know you're making a wish too!

  1. A printed puffed sleeve crop top

We are all back in the 90s now. Whether maxis or crop tops, puff sleeves are a must for every woman. Urbanic has a set of puffed sleeves crop tops, but what we like most is the floral, puffed sleeves floral crop top. These give you the vibrancy of summer as well as are comfortable to wear. These are perfect for a date and day out with your girl gang!


  1. Victorian crop tops

Leaving the best for the end, here’s Urbanic’s Victorian crop top. These are full sleeves, square necks and even ruffled and ribbed tops which are an absolute favorite when worn! These come in floral prints and a variety of base colors and would be best worn with wide leg jeans or a tuverly skirt!

Here’s a beautiful list of the 5 must-have crop tops from Urban as soon as it’s all over! This was our best pick and must have. Do you have more to add? Let us know!


Best design and print by Fabcurate

T.Here is a step towards designer products in each case. Whether it is vehicles, houses, shoes, clothes, etc., it is the cause of attraction and attention. Simple living has become a myth. The purpose is to look modern and stylish. The choice of clothing is the best way to express their style. The senses associated with dressing have changed. We are becoming carefree. At first, we wondered what others might think of our character if we wore something that was not normal. But those days are long gone. Now, we wear what we like and we choose our style, not society. In addition, living according to the preferences of others and wearing clothes is equivalent to being imprisoned in a cage. Freedom of design is the new motto.

No matter what gender it is, today's generation is not asking for a bit of advice regarding their clothing. Whether shirts, skirts, tops, gowns, saris, they are customized according to the needs of the customer. Fashion designing has taught us many valuable insights into everyday culture. The costumes designed by Fabcurate are carefully crafted to meet high standards and reach the target audience.

1) Camouflage print

Image source: Google

Classic prints have gained popularity due to their appearance. It gives a proud feeling when worn. Properly styled, Camor has a truly impressive personality. These fabrics are different because of their print, because they are very unique. Regular camouflage clothing includes dresses, tops, tees, pants, shirts, jackets and trousers.

2) Floral print

Image source: Google

Despite being simple, these are creative. Rarely does anyone find a garment without a floral print display fabric. Their perspective gives a botanical approach to personality. Floral prints are widely used in our culture because they admire most clothing, saris, tops and more. Whatever the occasion, floral prints are common.

3) Social Media Print

Image source: Google

When you leave home, don't leave your social media behind. Put it on your clothes and carry it with you. You can print all your favorite apps like Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat using digital print techniques. Maintains your cool look while keeping you current. They are suitable for holiday wear and casual wear. Shirts, jackets, scarves, bandanas, pillows and much more can be customized.

4) Halloween print

Image source: Google

Despite the fact that Halloween is celebrated in Western countries, other continents have also praised it. Ghosts, spiders, skeletons and pumpkins are some of the trendy and scary prints you will find in this collection. Instead of using light fabrics, prints are enhanced by a darker fabric to create a more realistic look.

5) Print the map

Image source: Google

Show your love for travel with these beautiful map prints. Being fun can make you the center of attention around you. Customize your shirts, pants and tops and feel like you're taking the world with you. Butter Crepe fabric The material will be sacrifice-free to improve the prints and ensure the designs are crisp and clean.

You can buy the best kind of fabric from Fabcurate:

Georgette Frill

Georgette sarees are already famous for their longevity. When placed on a frill border, it enhances the already bright fabric of the fabric. It gives a modern look. In addition to clarity, delicate texture, gloss and drapeability, these saris are a carrier for your wardrobe. Especially prominent for the party. High heels and this frill sari are one class different.

Japan pleated satin

A pleat is a type of fold that doubles the fabric over itself and secures it in place. Glossy front, beautiful drape, wrap resistant, lots of demand for Japanese satin. Pleated Japanese satin is a fine art, displayed on its surface. The beauty of pleated fabric is the fall and the grace that everyone seems to have in their attire. The Japan Satin pleated collection of Fabcurate is unique. Not only this, with the help of fire you can do welding.

Sari Collection

When upgrading your dressing style with Fabcurate's sari collection. High rated fabrics like liquids Organza fabric, Japanese satin, chinon chiffon, uppada silk, gorgeous sari. Class with this new set of sarees and become a trend maker. These fabrics are durable, good drapability, soft to the touch such as silk, chiffon chiffon stretch and glitter. Organza itself does not require a role. It is smooth, sheer and a sculpted drape.

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How to take care of hair extensions to improve their life

Taking care of extensions is crucial for their longevity. Quality hair extensions are not cheap, and you should make sure you pay for them once you make this investment.

Although we all want our extensions to have a long life, most of us do not know the right way to maintain them. To help you with this, here are some tips to take care of extensions:

  1. Look at the products you use

While your natural hair may heal over time after being exposed to harmful chemicals in hair products, extensions are not as lasting. Read how a product is made before you buy it and use it in your extensions. Avoid using any product that contains propanol, isopropyl, ethanol or propyl as ingredients.

In addition, they should not contain any alcohol or sulfate as they may be harmful to your extensions, even in small amounts. You should also avoid any products that block hair extensions, such as hair wax, hair gel and hair spray. If you use them, be sure to wash them off as soon as the extensions are closed.


  1. Wash and dry them properly

You do not need to wash the extensions like natural hair because they are not affected by the oil produced on the scalp. The less you wash them, the longer they will last. Wash hair extensions once a month to avoid product formation.

However, you can shampoo if you notice dirt on them. Instead of using a blow dryer to dry the extensions, let them dry naturally. However, if you need to use a blow dryer, use a heat shield. Also, do not leave them in the sun to dry. It will only hurt them.


  1. The right way to preserve hair extensions

Most hair extensions are damaged if not stored properly, which affects their lifespan and quality. Brush gently after each use and store in a cool, dry place.

They can form molds if they are not dry. It is best to use original packaging for storage or use an air-tight container after the extensions have dried. In addition, make sure that they do not come into direct contact with sunlight when storing.

If you wear them almost every day, it is best to keep them in a hanger. However, make sure that the area where they are hung is not too dense.



Everything has a life, and even the most expensive hair extensions need to be replaced. These can last anywhere from three months to three years. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

Following the three tips shared in this article is enough to extend the life of your extension. In addition, you should choose high-quality extensions when buying them, even if they are expensive. If they are inferior, they will not last a month, no matter how careful you are.


8 pairs of shoes every stylish man needs

Although you may have survived your teenage years with a pair of sneakers, as an adult you need multiple shoes to navigate different social situations. In fact, you should have at least eight pairs of shoes in your closet, as mentioned here:

Brown Brogues
The name "brog" comes from the Gaelic word for shoes, but today, "brogging" refers to the ornamental holes that characterize these shoes. You can find brogues with more or less broguing; Usually, Brog newcomers prefer dark brown plainer shoes, but if you like the eye-catching look, you can get a complete brogue in a tan or cognac shade. The brilliance of the brogues is that they instantly go down or under any outfit, giving you a comfortable, smart-casual look that fits almost any occasion.

A pair of tan brown leather men's formal shoes overhead scene in a premium photo of Concrete

Desert boots
Chukka is also said to be a desert boot, an ankle-height dress-casual shoe that looks great with dark-washed denim but also fits a suit appropriately. You will usually find suede or leather chukkas of different colors; Light colors tend to be more casual while darker colors are more formal. Desert boots are incredibly comfortable and effortlessly stylish, so you shouldn't be surprised if you buy more than one pair of this type of shoe.

Military Exercise in the Desert / Army Boots, Desert Soldiers Premium Photos

Brown loafers
Long ago, loafers were a favorite of the older generation of cool shoes, but today, loafers are a cool, comfortable shoe suitable for summer. Like the previous two pairs, loafers are flexible footwear that can be divided into formal and casual. Brown is a versatile color that will make these shoes more wearable, but you can choose your own stylish details, such as tassel, penis, perforation and more. Although there is some controversy, wearing socks with loafers is usually bad, as it can make shoes look old and messy.

Ordinary sneaker
You need a pair of stylish sneakers - and unlike what you can hear, they don't have to be brand-name, limited edition, investor pieces. In fact, the more minimalist your sneakers, the better. A simple sneaker is an essential alternative to a flip-flop, slide or something significantly more unstylish summer shoes. A neutral-colored canvas or suede pair will always be in style and it will look great to wear, especially with casual and comfortable clothing.

Official Oxford
If you only have one pair of formal shoes, it's best to have a pair of black oxfords. Also called Blucher or Balmoral, these shoes can have closed or open laces but should have a classic round toe for timeless style and more comfort. You will wear your Oxford only for very formal occasions, official work events or important social gatherings. Since you are likely to have these shoes for a lifetime, you can budget hundreds of dollars to make sure you get a durable, comfortable and stylish pair.

Men's legs in jeans and brown classic shoes on a white background.  Leather fashionable shoes premium pictures for men

Brown leather boots
Men's leather boots come in all sizes and styles, but they always add something special to your outfit, such as ruggedness or rebellion. Depending on your general aesthetics, you can choose stylish dress boots like Wintip boots or casual work boots like utility boots. However, you should try to wear your boots often, especially in inclement weather, to give them a certain amount of character.

Men's shoes free pictures

A monkstrap is a slip-on shoe without laces that can have a single, double or triple strap that holds the shoe to your foot. Because of their unique appearance, the monks tend to be divided; Some men think their adults are the equivalent of velcro sneakers, others prefer the shoe's idiosyncrasy. If you bought a pair of Monkstrap for your closet, you should pair them with pants so that there are no breaks, so that the attractive laces of the shoes can shine.

Chelsea boots
A Chelsea boot is an ankle boot with an elastic side panel, which makes them easier to turn on and off than other boot styles. Since Chelsea boots lack cluttered details like lace, straps and toe caps, they boast a simple and chic silhouette that is missing from men's shoe fashion. When you don't want to worry about what your shoes are saying, you can choose Chelsea boots.

Since you have multiple occasions to wear your shoes as an adult, you need more than one shoe. These eight options should cover every outing in any season so that you stay stylish all year round.


Top 5 Lipstick Brands That Sell Cruelty-Free Products

M.akeup products are essential for our busy modern lifestyle. Lipstick has a special place in every woman's heart. So we can never ignore buying these beauty essentials.

In India, cosmetic brands have begun to support animal welfare - animal-tested products are slowly gaining popularity. However, not all popular Indian makeup brands offer cruelty-free cosmetics; It is best to check before buying. Many brands have begun working tirelessly to offer us cruelty-free and vegetarian options.

Thinking of "unfamiliar" terms like vegetarian cruelty-free? They are explained below:

  • Cruelty free: Makeup products that are not tested on animals are considered cruelty-free.
  • Vegan: Makeup products that are not tested on animals and do not contain animal derivatives such as honey, beeswax, milk, etc., are considered vegetarian products.

Here, we bring you the top 5 makeup brands in India, where you can buy an amazing cruelty-free lipstick.

  • Lotus Herbal: Since 1993, Lotus Herbal has been well-known as one of the leading natural cosmetics companies. From the range of herbal skincare to makeup products, only herbal ingredients are used that are cruelty-free. It is one of the famous makeup brands which includes a full range of cosmetic products. Each of these products is specially made to match Indian skin tone. No wonder you can add bright red lipstick to your collection, especially for big thick Indian weddings.
Image Source: Google
  • They are common: Zivame makes one of the most popular cruelty-free makeup ranges and skin care products. It is an established and well-known brand worldwide. The products offered by the brand are made with excellent quality ingredients which have no harmful side effects. Get your favorite nude shade lipstick from the unique Zivame collection to brighten up your mundane office days.
  • Plum goodness: The award-winning skincare and makeup brand was founded in 2013 by a chemical engineer. It is known as the only vegetarian cosmetics brand in India. Plum produces cruelty-free and vegetarian cosmetic products that look amazing on Indian skin tones without harmful effects. It provides eco-friendly products. You can definitely buy plum's skin, hair and body care range. The Plum Green Tea range is one of the top picks among consumers. They have launched a campaign - # Empties4Good - which collects and recycles empty plum bottles from their consumers. You will get Rs 50 as shopping credit for recycling.
Image Source: Google
  • Just herbal Another famous, cruelty-free Indian brand that creates amazing makeup and skincare ranges. The ingredients used are primarily herbal and plant-based. It was founded by an award-winning biochemist - Dr. Nina Chopra. He started making skin care products using his own formula of Indian herbs and spices.
Image Source: Google
  • Tingz Cosmetics: It is a famous brand in India that makes cruelty-free makeup products using natural ingredients. All these products are toxin-free and sulfite-free. They can customize your personal shades of foundation and lipstick. Try their long lasting liquid lip color. These are perfect for every Indian skin tone.

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Trendy plus-size clothing that should be added to your wardrobe

FOr today's women, we have an indicative amount of fashion trends to choose from. However, for those of us who are healthy and have a plus fashion size, not every fashion trend will be suitable. Of course, the fashion that wears on body shape is thinner for some, some apple-shaped which is a more rounded and healthier figure. Some of us are in the shape of a pair which is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Depending on the size of the shoulders and buttocks and the size of the waist, a person's shape can be determined.

For plus size fashion, care should be taken that the buttocks or waist are not pronounced. It is best to break off the monotony of the dress by having a waist area. If the outfit is not a wait, then create one by wearing a belt. Wearing a belt will help break the length of the dress or outfit. Wearing a shiny belt or a wide wide belt will further enhance the look and divert attention from heavy areas of the body.

A plus size fashion lady should always buy nice full length pants with a high waist to give a flattened look. In addition, the high waist will help to highlight the curves of the buttocks and the lower curves. So fit well and team it up with a short shirt with a vertical stripe or polka dot pattern.

Access the outfit with a wide belt that will break the flow of clothing and take away the focus from the wide-angle and the shape of the person. Try teaming up the outfit with a chunky necklace. Heavy earrings or heavy mud and wide belts must be used for a plus fashion size woman's clothing.

Wearing high-waisted jeans and high-waisted clothing draws attention away from the wider body part.

A plus size lady should try Wearing a vertically striped pattern that helps to portray a much thinner look.

Open toe wedge sandals give a flirty look. Wear it with an upper knee-length dress. Take care to avoid multi-layered clothing and keep them simple.

Choose a nude shed pump for office wear or for formal occasions. A black shoe with a delicate toe will give the illusion of a more extended foot.

Open-toed shoes with two-inch heels or one-inch heels go well with dresses, kurtis and pants. A good alternative to shoes would be point-toe shoes because these delicate tip shoes provide depth to the feet. Open strappy sandals will go well with most outfits.

In short, a plus size fashion lady should dress her clothes with heavy clogs, wear wider and wider belts, choose full length and high waist pants. Avoid horizontal prints and go further for vertically striped or polka dot prints.

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The direction of change is male

Men's Ari Lungi Shirt

Photo: Kumar, Model: Hemant Sharma, Clothing & Styling: Men's Ori

The shape of the circle is often attributed to life. A circle seems to be very organized for the chain of random events contributing at the moment. The circle itself changes direction at every infinite point that forms its circumference. Life goes on and on, like a pendulum on a binary pole. Sometimes you are a crow and sometimes you are a pole. Some days you joke and other days you joke. But not everything that goes around comes. Sometimes you know where the direction is taking you, but other times you never expect what's coming. Some aspects have remained consistent and infinite. More instructions seemed arbitrary. As a fashion design student who started this blog, I played my energy by writing about fashion, design and trends. With the highest commercialization of fashion blogs from the early to mid-2010s, blogs and social media posts were on the rise regarding shopping, OOTD, travel, holidays and even gadgets and automobiles. Some fads are definitely needed to fill the omnipresent void. Some bridges had to be burned down ... and with the continuity and the direction of the breaks changing, my own target audience changed over the years. Website primary keywords have changed over time. I will never know exactly how the wind blows but I am guiding with all my might. The change of direction is a reality test and at this point, the currents are constantly gathering and removing.

Lungi shirt by male Eri

The only constant thing about sex is fluidity.

Madras Checks Lungi shirt by Purushu Arie


Blue lungi shirt

Tie-up wrapped lungi


Jingle your life with homemade hair dyes for gray hair

It's always better to love yourself first! No, it is not called selfishness. This is purely for self-care. And so, choosing something happy and admirable will get you on the list. There is no doubt about choosing something that will make you happy. So, it has to be popping-in for healthy Panipuri Or grate plateful's Biryani Or just shopping or choosing homemade hair dye for gray hair. Yes, I can imagine the expression of doubt on your face, especially when it comes to hair color. But, when you're in your early forties, you don't want to look old-fashioned ... pick something different, safer, and when it comes to your home, it's naturally safe for any type of application. So, hey guys and girls it's time to look handsome and gorgeous, even if you're still hitting your keyboard with online work and have been participating in endless zoom calls for over a year now.

Hair color at home

Feeling we have 'Run out of gas' emotionally?

Yes, you can be but you cannot wrap yourself in a cage where you have to deal with your professional and personal life together. The time has come to welcome some open air and opportunities when things look gray, even your hair. So, get rid of gray and add some color to your life (starting from your hair). Homemade color ideas for gray hair are welcome. If you usually dye your hair, you must know its requirements every month.

But, if this is the first. You can choose a natural homemade hair dye for gray hair for your hair.


Add some color to your life and reduce your hair

If you want to eliminate chemical-based dyes for your hair, choose an easy way to decorate your look with homemade hair dyes for gray hair. So, if you want to make hair dye at home, here is your choice. First, prepare a basic color. To do this, make all the herbal ingredients with a strong tea mixture and wash your hair thoroughly. If you want to keep that natural color for a long time. You can follow the steps below.

  1. Mix well or mash your herbal mixture. You can use fresh ingredients or even sun-dried ingredients for a good mixture or paste. The smaller the material or application, the larger the surface in contact with the hair. So make a strong and dense paste for good usability.
  2. Now, you need to make a thick paste or mixture like toothpaste. Hot water will open the pores of the herbs and allow more color to come out.
  3. To make tea water, you need plenty of herbs. Add 8 cups of herbs to 2 cups of water. Use hot water and cool it for safe application. Strain the herbs and transfer to tea water for better application.
  4. When using tea water or herbal paste, you need to be careful that you wash it thoroughly so that no residue can damage your hair roots. According to experts, this is one of the best ways. Want to know how to get naturally brown hair at home? Tea is a great source of brown color. Even Mehdi works well.
  5. After washing, dry your hair in the sun if possible. This will give you a natural highlight.
  6. Since these are semi-permanent ways to protect your hair from turning gray. You need to encourage its use several times per month.

Is Hair Dye A Suitable Way At Home?

Yes, this is usually the case. Since all products are plucked from your home or your kitchen or freshly made, it is less likely to carry chemicals. It will not have any side effects or side effects. Since it will be mainly fruit-based, it will not harm your hair. Colors made using natural ingredients will not only help to color your hair but will also help in hair growth. Rich in numerous nutrients, these pigments have nutritional properties.


The benefits of hair dye at home

  • Helps your hair to be healthy
  • Prevents damage
  • Protects hair structure
  • Moisturizes your hair naturally
  • Cures scalp problems
  • Temporary and without any damage
  • 100% skin-friendly

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It is also called Vegan Hair Dice

It is a major part of sustainable fashion today. Homemade dyes or 'vegan dyes' are safe because they are herbal remedies for hair. These are made from vegetable ingredients like beetroot, coffee and many more without any harm. This homemade hair color for gray hair is gentle for any type of hair and scalp.

Since these hair colors have no lasting effect. People look at them differently and glamorously before they set foot in their old shoes again as a must pick and choose item. These are cruelty-free and made without any animal-based products.

The health of your hair

How long to maintain that dye?

Hair is the most popular form for adding drama to your overall look. Since hair is seen to significantly improve your personality. A color change gives you a chance to add a playful mood without affecting the health of your hair. Homemade hair color for gray hair is the best way to make some changes in your look when things are still moving to be normal.

  • Do not wash your hair properly: Yes, don't forget that you used homemade hair dye for gray hair. For the next 24 hours, you will not be able to wash your hair thoroughly. Let the color settle with your hair and bring out the amber of the shade.
  • Keep the heat styling away for a few days: You need to be careful when painting. Hit styles such as straightening and blow-dry should be avoided for a few days. This is because dyeing or dying will cause some dryness in your hair (even if you use herbal or branded products).
  • Don't say hot water: Like heat preservative serums or straighteners, hot water for your newly dyed hair should also be avoided. It will dull your hair and lose its shine every time you wash your hair in a week. Avoid applying shampoo to your hair length as it will break down the color of your hair and make it dry.
  • Encourage natural forms of hair masking and conditioning: OK, like you are applying homemade hair color for gray hair. It is but obvious that you need to use a natural form of hair masking products and conditioners. These may include honey, egg and apple cider vinegar mask, coconut oil, sugar, essential oil mask and many more.
  • Use natural products for dye hair: When you are thinking of getting naturally brown hair at home, you need to invest some in buying natural products to protect your hair from chemical damage. From herbal shampoos to conditioners, you need to have the basics to keep the dyes for a long time.

How to change skincare routine from winter to spring

Y.Before the onset of freezing temperatures you have changed your skin care routine to cope with the winter months. Now, the cold weather has almost changed, leaving our itchy, dry and dull skin. Now, you are ready to embrace the bright sunny spring time and the special needs of your skin Spring skin Care

Here, we got the easiest Skin care steps For you Achieve healthy, nourished and radiant skin using the right techniques, appropriate skin care products and antioxidants. Also, you can choose Homemade skin care Remedy to get a perfectly bright skin tone.

Seasonal skin care steps you need to follow:

When it comes in contact with the sun, the change in humidity, the average temperature - is a drastic change. Since spring comes with high temperatures and humid weather, sun-protection rules should be changed. Take care of your anti aging remedy.

How you should prepare Home Remedies for Skin Care To restore your dull winter complexion?

  • Exfoliation is a must: Due to the cold weather, dry flakes must have formed on your skin, especially if you are a person with dry skin. Generally, people avoid exfoliating in winter season as it dries the skin. As the humidity increases and the weather warms, your skin becomes more tolerant of strong formulations of acids and active ingredients. You can give it a try Naturally skin care routine at home To prepare a natural exfoliator. Lots of kitchen ingredients can be used to prepare an effective exfoliator.

    For example, take 2 tablespoons of pulses, blend it in a mixer grinder, mix well with 2 tablespoons of rice flour. Store the mixture in a bottle. When using, mix well with one tablespoon of lemon juice and water or milk. Apply gently to your face, neck or hands. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. Look at the difference! It will brighten your skin in winter. Such an effective Naturally skin care routine at home Will help to nourish your skin in spring. Physical exfoliation will scrub the dead skin cells from your epidermis.

    Whatever chemical or physical exfoliation you choose, make sure yours Skin Care Home Remedies quickly exfoliate dead skin cells and increase collagen to achieve a youthful complexion.
    Be careful not to overdo your exfoliation routine. Exfoliation 2 days a week is enough for healthy skin. Otherwise, you will end up with itchy or itchy skin.

  • Use a mild moisturizer: Heavy cream is a necessity in winter. Spring Beauty Tips Include a good moisturizer to reduce trans-epidermal water loss. In the sweaty spring season, you need to eliminate them to get a good skin tone. As humidity and temperature rise, Spring skin Requires light occlusives with humectants and emollients. They can do their best to keep our skin moisturized. Dermatologists prefer gel-based moisturizer formulas that absorb your skin quickly and protect it from scorching heat.
  • Upgrade your SPF: You can follow Skin care at home Remedy every day but it does not indicate that you will throw away your sunscreen when you are out in the sun. Buy a good one with SPF 60-70. If you are regular with sunscreen, you may want to increase the dose. As the earth is closer to the sun during the warmer seasons, the ultraviolet rays become stronger. Seasonal skin care tips Include SPF increase in your regular sunscreen - provides broad-spectrum protection. This is the key to ensuring sun protection during spring and summer.

Hydration of your skin at night:

It's not a good idea to throw away your night moisturizer when it's spring time Skin care steps. Use a facial moisturizer that rejuvenates your skin and keeps your skin hydrated. A light weight night cream rich in vitamin-C works perfectly during sleep. An anti-aging skin-nourishing sleeping mask works well even in the spring season.

Ask your beauty professional or a dermatologist about the most relevant Spring Beauty Tips To follow the time of the sweaty season. According to professional advice, you can use lavender essential oil mixed with moisturizer or hyaluronic or hydroxy acid with night cream. You will get the benefits of less wrinkles, renewal of damaged skin, reduction of fatigue symptoms and brighter healthy skin that you have dreamed of. Wake up every morning with a fresh and youthful face.

If you have sensitive skin, allergies to chemicals, try natural remedies. Home Remedies for Skin Care, Use common kitchen ingredients, apply fresh to your skin. See how much more effective they are on your skin than ever before.

Spring Seasonal Skin Care Tips:

Dermatologists and skincare professionals recommend that you check your daily diet when you need good summer skin. Follow Seasonal skin care tips Will help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

  • Eat a healthy diet, avoid junk food and cold drinks.
  • Drink 3-4 liters of water every day.
  • Don't skip your daily workout routine.
  • Get proper sleep at night for 7-8 hours.

Use Homemade skin care Rules with healthy food. Look at the changes, you'll notice them in a moment.

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Gender neutrality in traditional Thameez clothing

Did you know that Thamiz men and women wear different clothes for most of the history of clothing? In conjunction with Vitamin Stree, I have illustrated three examples of the gender liquid clothing culture that was prevalent in ancient and medieval Thamizgam. Read on for insights into the gender neutral history of traditional Thames clothing.

The oldest Thamiz text, written about 2500 years ago, contains several female poets. Socio-cultural pursuits were not limited to men. Much like the social role, the dress of Thamiz men and women was not very different even towards the end of the Middle Ages. Sandalwood paste was one of the oldest cosmetics used by every gender in ancient Thameez society. Men and women will also decorate their hair with flowers and use natural fragrances. Stretched earlobe piercings were a major gender neutral fashion trend, especially in the Chola and Pandya kingdoms. Pearl necklaces have been another hot fashion trend for centuries, worn by Thamiz people regardless of gender identity.

In traditional Thameez clothing, the rules of nudity itself do not change in gender. Towards the end of antiquity when aristocratic women in northern India started covering their upper body with sari, it was an accepted rule to keep the upper body uncovered irrespective of sex till early modern history of Thamiz Nadu. Men and women wear the same clothes and they share mutual love for jewelry. Although jewelry was worn by every gender throughout the history of the Indian subcontinent, the footsteps on the Thamiz Nadu had a unique gender neutral tendency. From the Maurya sculptures of Sanchi and Barhut to the Satavahana art of Amravati and Ajanta, only women wear ankles. However, Thamiz art depicts men wearing ornaments on their feet.

Gender-neutral clothing was not only a norm for the royal family in Thames history, but also applied to the oppressed caste divisions. Until the end of the Middle Ages, people covered themselves with marine shells and the skins, leaves, and ornaments of decent animals made of clay - however, nothing was exclusively "men's clothing" or "women's clothing". Men and women share the same dress code and work together in paddy fields and other social spheres.

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