Lungi vs. Vetti – Thamiz cinema costume is a race and class superstition

A look at how race and class dynamics have influenced the portrayal of Lungi and Vetti in the movie Thamiz.

There is a complete contrast in the portrayal of Lungi and Vetti in the movie Thamiz. For many decades, the white vetie entity has enjoyed the status of a respectable traditional costume for the protagonists of Thamiz films. Whereas, the Thamiz film industry has reduced the lungi to the goons' dirty clothes or TASMAC dance sequences, creating a stereotypical on-screen image for the costumes. However, famous filmmakers like Pa Ranjit, Vetrimaran and Marie Selvaraj have changed a paradigm in the portrayal of lungi in Thamiz movies. In Thamiz blockbuster Carnan, the protagonist Dhanush wears a printed and checked lungi as he bravely rebels against the systematic oppression of caste. Actor Dhanush also popularized lungi in critically acclaimed films like Adukalam, Vada Chennai and Asuran. The versatile wasit-rap outfit appeared as a ragging style statement on the silver-screen when superstar Rajinikanth wore a black coil / lungi in a black movie. With the recent spotlight on the lungi in the Thamiz film, the modest outfit is challenging the underlying caste and class prejudice.

Actor Dhanush wearing lungi in Karnan movie.

Actor Dhanush wearing lungi in Karnan movie.

Lungi and veti are both traditional Thamiz cultural clothing derived from Kiladai - a waist-length undergarment worn by Thamiz people until the Middle Ages. The white vetis with decorative borders are notable in the Choja murals restored by Telugu heroic rulers in the 16th-17th centuries. The Brahmins and other influential non-Brahmin castes of the Nayak society wore panchakachcham and mulakachcham dhoti, which were wrapped around the waist, wrapped around the front, passed through the middle of the legs and tapped on the back. The lower caste people of the racial class wore a veil which was a rather short cloth which was tied around their waist in a tube-silhouette without the middle of the legs. In the colonial era, zamindars and bureaucrats working under the British combined ankle-length white dhoti and vetis with British clothing such as blazers, jackets and long coats.

Statue of King Tirumala Nayaka wearing dhoti  17th century, Madurai

Statue of King Tirumala Nayaka wearing dhoti 17th century, Madurai

The ankle-length white veil that symbolized the dominant color fashion over the years appeared in the 80s-90s Kollywood films as a dignified garment of the Thames man that promoted color arrogance and dominance. Thalaivar Rajinikanth Yezaman wore a primitive Vetti-sattai in the film where he played the role of a village headman. Action hero Vijayakanta notoriously wore white veti-sattai at Chinna Gounder where he played the role of village zamindar. Actor Saratkumar Nattamai donated a white vet for the role of village head in the film. Saratkumar also played Vetti-Sattai Luke for the role of Shaktivel Gounder in Suryavamsam. In Thevar Magan, London-educated Shaktivel, starring Kamal Hassan, trades in his western shirt and trousers for white veti-sattai when he inherited the role of village chief from his father. In the Mani Ratnam movie Nayakan, actor Kamal Hasan is looking from head to toe for the role of Dharavi's vigilant gangster Velu Nike. Paan Ranjit's Kala, which is also set in Dharavi, re-imagines Rajinikanth wearing a black kaili / lungi. According to Marie Selvaraj, the elderly who are accustomed to the oppression of the hegemonic caste wear veti and thandu and dress equally with the savarna hegemony. In contrast, Puliankulam's more rebellious youth are depicted in lungi - where the fabric symbolizes their incompatibility with established satirical politics.

Superstar Rajinikanth is wearing a lungi in black and Vetti in Yejaman

Superstar Rajinikanth wearing Kylie / Lungi in Kala and Vetti in Yejaman

Lungi boasts a much larger trade history and global presence than Vetis. In the early 12th century, Thames merchants exported small checked scarves to the Middle East where it was known by the Persian word "lungi". The waist-wrapped garment, commonly known as "Kylie" or "Saram", was invented by the East India Company in the 17th century. Checked Kylie was popularly worn by Muslim men, and cut and tight bodies were made by Tamiz women. The most lucrative textiles exported as checked Made Cotton, "Madras Cotton" or "Madras Check" were woven and exported from colonial India. The demand for lightweight and comfortable Madras cloth was so high in the West that local European textile tycoons appealed to their government to reduce its imports. Due to the popularity of Madras Czech, countries like Switzerland, Japan and Korea created "Imitation Madras" for which the East India Company responded with "Real Madras Handcarchis" also known as RMHK. Madras checks first arrived in the United States in the 18th century and later became a symbol of American luxury in the 1930s. Handkerchiefs and Kylis were the two main product lines of Madras cloth and by the 20th century, Kylie's demand surpassed that of handkerchief replicas, leading to the rise in popularity of modern lungi. In the 21st century, the lungi is a very formal wear in Myanmar. The waist-wrapping dress is also popular in Islamic countries in the Middle East, Africa, Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia, where Muslims wear lungi in the mosque - a dress where they pray.

In an interesting contrast to the concept, lungis are undesirable in many temples across India. Lungi is banned in some cinema halls, hotels, restaurants and other elite places in India. The clothes we wear are influenced by various socio-cultural factors including caste and class structure. The positive portrayal of lungi in New Age Thameez movies is just a small but significant step in changing the racist and racist notion associated with clothing.

Black lungi


Here are 10 cool ways to style your outfit with a jacket

A jacket is a must-have item in any outfit regardless of the season. A jacket adds a final touch to any outfit, whether paired with a casual t-shirt or skirt. In addition, it can be worn to enhance your style and keep your body warm. So if you are struggling to pair jackets with different outfits and need some inspiration, look no further. We'll show you how to wear it The best winter jackets for women With different outfits in this post.

  1. Solid denim jacket with fancy inner: Winter is the season of piles, so wear clothes that flatter your figure. Don’t be afraid to wear a shiny shiny shirt under your denim jacket. It is fashionable and maintains a balance between serenity and opulence. This style is ideal for night outs, and it adds warmth and sparkle to your look without making you heavy.
  1. White shirt and puffer jacket: Wear a puffer jacket with a white shirt to look fashionable without abandoning your refined style. When the sophistication of the white shirt is combined with the beauty of the black puffer jacket, it creates an eye-catching look.
Style Tips for College Men: 11 Practical Tips to Look Good |  Warm Winter Jackets, Winter Jackets Men's Casual, Best Puffer Jackets
  1. With a simple T-shirt and a lively Nehru jacket: This is one of the most popular and fashionable way to wear Nehru jacket. Wear a simple shirt and trousers and cover with a multi-colored Nehru jacket to make your outfit more attractive. Mehndi function or this traditional dress for Independence Day celebration will make you look stunning.
  1. A simple white T-shirt and a leather jacket: How can we miss the "leather jacket", the king of all winter styles? Do nothing to improve your appearance; Instead, wear a leather jacket to give your body a stronger touch.
  1. Denim trousers, a bomber jacket and a T-shirt: Bomber jacket gives you a stylish look. How do you want to learn? Take a color-blocked bomber jacket and wear it with denim trousers and a T-shirt.
  1. Parka jackets and leggings in lightweight fabric: Parka jackets made of polyester are ideal for working women. It looks great with a pair of skinny fur pants. A long jacket will look gorgeous if you wear a suit.
  1. Peplam jacket with black jacket: It is challenging to detect The best winter jackets for women Suitable for office settings. Wearing a peplum jacket with black trousers elevates your professional attire to a new height of style.
  1. White trousers and yellow contrasting jacket: Are you looking for the perfect picnic outfit? If so, wear a yellow contrasting jacket with white pants. It will give you a vibrant look without taking away from your influential style.
  1. A black denim jacket is worn with a black denim skirt: When black is combined with other blacks, it creates a smoky effect. Pair a black denim skirt with a denim jacket if you want.
  1. Trousers and a padded hooded jacket: A padded jacket is comfortable and great for anyone to see. This dress looks more sophisticated and stylish, giving you a perfectly chic look.

We hope this list of the best winter jackets for women has made your day. So set, go and shop your style now!


7 Important Things You Must Know About Canada

CAnada has a complete package to offer visitors, ranging from wonderful natural wonders to busy cities. When you are thinking of going to Canada, you must remember some things that will make your trip smoother and ensure that you have a great time.

Like any other country, these are some of the things that are different from India that you can't expect. It is best to be prepared for any situation without falling into the trap. Here is a guide for those who are going to Canada for the first time.

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What you need to know about going to Canada for the first time

  1. It feels cold - Canada is the second largest country in the world, due to the differences in the weather in this country. Even in the summer season it can get cold at night. Carry plenty of warm clothing, including scarves, hats, or earmuffs, and be prepared for snow if you go on a winter trip. Pack your clothes and shoes, remember that you may have to go through knee-deep snow. Temperatures are high on Canada's west coast but not enough to survive without warm clothing.
  2. Learn basic French - Most Canadians speak English, and you can get it easily. However, there are still some people, especially from the Quebec region, who speak French. Canada is a melting pot of culture, and it is advisable to know some basic phrases in French. If you can't remember these sentences, you can always note them down on your phone and use them in a pinch.

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  • Get travel insurance - There are excellent healthcare projects for Canadians. However, if you just visit, it can cost you a hefty sum. That's why getting travel insurance is essential. This protects you from spending money due to unforeseen circumstances. If you are looking for the best fit for yourself, you need to look at travel insurance online options to see everything available in the market. Travel insurance protects you from passport theft, luggage loss, medical emergencies and other such situations that can keep you in a foreign country.
  • Explore the natural beauty - Canada has beautiful hills, lakes, valleys and national parks to offer. Here are some of Canada's favorite spots - Lake Lewis, Banff National Park, Big Moody Badlands, Saskatchewan, Red Sands, Prince Edward Island, Cathedral Grove, Vancouver Island, Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, British Columbia. This is a popular site for overnight camping.

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  • Sell ​​taxes and tips in Canada - Canadians are known worldwide for being polite, and Canadian hospitality is paramount. Unlike in India, service charges are not added to your bill. Although tipping is completely optional, you are expected to tip about 15% to 20% of the bill. Other than that, you won't be surprised to see extra sales tax on the bill. In addition, different provinces have their own taxes. Depending on where you are in Canada, your bill could easily be more than 15% of the total value. Remember, when you buy an item in a store, tax is added when you bill.
  • Keep visa documents in hand - Indians must have a visa when going to Canada. When traveling to Canada, you need to present your paperwork immediately at the airport whenever requested. That's why you need to have a receipt of payment along with the visa application for Canada visit visa from India. With the new rules, you may need a copy of your recent RT-PCR test that you took within 48 hours of landing in Canada. So, you should cross check all your documents and try to keep them in hand luggage to avoid confusion.

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  • Transportation in Canada - Canada is a beautiful country and spread across different time zones. If you are looking for a way to get around the country, then driving is a good option. Driving can be difficult in winter. That is why it is important to look at other options for traveling within the country. You can book flights, you can use railways, buses, ferries, trams, subways and taxis. You can also walk or cycle through the local area.

This checklist will not only allow you to prepare for a trip to Canada, but it can also give you an idea of ​​what you need to pack, how much cash you should have on hand, how you can budget, and what to look for in travel insurance. Etc. And so while you are enjoying the sights in Canada, it is important to keep in mind your safety and convenience.

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Kill this wedding season with this gorgeous red Indian dress

Red, the color of emotion, the color of celebration. So we are sure that you are looking for inspiration for some unique red Indian dress like hot red kurti for the upcoming festival. We've got some contemporary and trending things that will ultimately get you in the spotlight and ruin your look to make your search for your particular red dress easier.

1. Anarkali suit with print: A red printed anarkali set is sure to make us all feel warm and fuzzy, and it seems to be the ideal choice for the season. You can wear it to corporate gatherings and even festivals and it is also suitable for weddings.

2. Red lehenga will increase the amount of your fashion: So, if you are looking for an over-the-top holiday style, a Benaresi dress that we like is incredibly beautiful. A lehenga in a dark red hue with delicate work in multiple colors will enhance your look at every gathering you wear it!


3. A glamorous red sari: I am talking about pouring red color on you in the form of grace. Yes, it is a red sari of six or nine yards of chiffon or georgette or even silk fabric! Whether you choose a minimalist pattern on it or embellish it with embroidery or zardozi, a red sari adorned with perfection will surely make you look regal.

4. Red kurti: Red is easy to decorate even when you are in casual mood. With the help of such a kurti! Red kurtis are a staple of your outfit, and if you like your outfit to be comfortable and impress people, you can't live without them. So wear this red kurti with your regular bangles, pants or palazzo and look admirable during your casual reunion. But yes, wearing these kurtis with some fine jewelry and some work on them and some smoky makeup makes it ready for your wedding or party too!

5. Red salwar suit: Salwar suit you are suitable for occasional wedding attendance. But we recommend going out after a bright red salwar suit with lovely work and embroidery on top! You can pair this dress with earrings and bangles and wear high heels or mule! So rest, a red hand candy wedding work look perfect for you.

6. Red maxi dress uncompromising: The most elegant dress we can suggest for the wedding season is the maxi dress. And if you really want to make an impact, make sure it's a red! This glowing shade makes your outfit look even richer. And if it is decorated with some delicate handwork or lovely pattern, we can guarantee that you can wear it in any function. So go for a messy bun on top of it and wear some minimal jewelry so that only color and clothing can speak. So with the right heel and a lovely clutch, steal the heart of the red dress!

This list is easy, you are sure to kill the wedding parties in this full shade. So give it a try and let us know how you like it!