The direction of change is male

Men's Ari Lungi Shirt

Photo: Kumar, Model: Hemant Sharma, Clothing & Styling: Men’s Ori

The shape of the circle is often attributed to life. A circle seems to be very organized for the chain of random events contributing at the moment. The circle itself changes direction at every infinite point that forms its circumference. Life goes on and on, like a pendulum on a binary pole. Sometimes you are a crow and sometimes you are a pole. Some days you joke and other days you joke. But not everything that goes around comes. Sometimes you know where the direction is taking you, but other times you never expect what’s coming. Some aspects have remained consistent and infinite. More instructions seemed arbitrary. As a fashion design student who started this blog, I played my energy by writing about fashion, design and trends. With the highest commercialization of fashion blogs from the early to mid-2010s, blogs and social media posts were on the rise regarding shopping, OOTD, travel, holidays and even gadgets and automobiles. Some fads are definitely needed to fill the omnipresent void. Some bridges had to be burned down … and with the continuity and the direction of the breaks changing, my own target audience changed over the years. Website primary keywords have changed over time. I will never know exactly how the wind blows but I am guiding with all my might. The change of direction is a reality test and at this point, the currents are constantly gathering and removing.

Lungi shirt by male Eri

The only constant thing about sex is fluidity.

Madras Checks Lungi shirt by Purushu Arie


Blue lungi shirt

Tie-up wrapped lungi

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