Top 5 best urban crops to ruin your college look

There is more to crop tops than just uncovered waists. Urban crop tops have been a craze among women lately. Organic crop tops have become the ideal replica for skirt sets, the perfect outline for a puff-sleeved shirt and the incredible partner of high-midriff jeans.

If you’re okay with showing off a little skin this late spring (or not!), Opt for organic crop tops that let you look from a 90s club.

We’re currently hopping in styles that go beyond a basic tank top or a t-shirt; Therefore, the tops of urban crops are the savior.

There are varieties of organic crop tops such as brightly colored puffed sleeve organic crop tops, one shoulder organic crop tops or just basic graphic organic crop tops!

Urban crop tops are like a mood board! How? Here’s how!

A happy mood – swollen sleeves organic crop tops

A casual mood – graphic printed organic crop tops

Not a very cheerful mood – it will shine just as you wear crop shirts by Urban.

So, here we bring you our favorite organic crop tops that women must keep their mood right!

  1. A cutout crop top

Could it be a cut in the front or a cut in the back that could flash your collarbone? Cutout crop tops have been a trend lately. And Urbanic has you covered your crop tops with bright colors and unique cuts so you can wear them anywhere and create a fashion statement.

  1. A wrapped crop

Wrap tops are a significant crush for women who struggle with size issues. But wrapped tops are usually long and seem quite annoying! But that’s why we have urban. It has a wrapped crop top and is very adorable when worn. These are for your exact size and made with the best fabrics that give you comfort.

  1. A crop shirt!

These are actually a frenzy and a sought after for every woman out there. Of course, crop shirts have a special place in our hearts and in our wardrobes, but the truth is, we are all annoyed by the tough and boring shirts we usually get. On the other hand, crop shirts with prints like organic animals and flowers have printed even minimalist cartoons! I know you’re making a wish too!

  1. A printed puffed sleeve crop top

We are all back in the 90s now. Whether maxis or crop tops, puff sleeves are a must for every woman. Urbanic has a set of puffed sleeves crop tops, but what we like most is the floral, puffed sleeves floral crop top. These give you the vibrancy of summer as well as are comfortable to wear. These are perfect for a date and day out with your girl gang!


  1. Victorian crop tops

Leaving the best for the end, here’s Urbanic’s Victorian crop top. These are full sleeves, square necks and even ruffled and ribbed tops which are an absolute favorite when worn! These come in floral prints and a variety of base colors and would be best worn with wide leg jeans or a tuverly skirt!

Here’s a beautiful list of the 5 must-have crop tops from Urban as soon as it’s all over! This was our best pick and must have. Do you have more to add? Let us know!

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