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It Checking everything off a marriage seems like a difficult task investing your time and energy Checklist. Most importantly, make a perfect decision and Overseas wedding destination in India It takes a long time. An Indian marriage is more about adopting two families. Everything needs to be planned and designed according to the common preferences of these two families. As everyone gathers in one place to celebrate the perfect start of their loved ones, perfect Wedding planning Needed. A perfect marriage carves in the memory of our loved ones for a lifetime. From rich Bollywood celebrities to ordinary people – everyone is now in love with the destination of royal wedding in India. Have you ever wondered why Katrina Kaif-Vicky’s marriage broke up on the internet a few months ago? Well, it’s more about their beautiful royal wedding destination. Their wedding photo gallery is left for us to see. See Six Senses Fort Barrowara – a royal Wedding destination in Rajasthan.

Six Sense Fort Barrowara

Here’s what you need to know about Fort Barrowara:

Facing the “Chauth Ka Barwara Temple”, the 700-year-old palace was formerly owned by a royal family in Rajasthan. Architecture gives us a royal feel of the past. Six Senses has very sensitively restored the fort with that beautiful Baroara temple. The 14th-century castle has now been transformed into a royal one Wedding destination in Rajasthan For couples – crazy in love, just like Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal.

Attractive features of Barwara Fort for guests to experience:

  • Natural environment: A royal castle was converted and preserved in a luxury resort. Thus, guests can enjoy the spectacular views of Barwara Lake and the temple. The locals also consider the lake a sacred place.
  • Royal Residence: The Wedding Venue Six Sense Fort Barrowara There are 48 royal suites. They are equipped with urban amenities with royal essence. Each of these suits is designed in a contemporary Rajasthani style – always reminding you of rural roots. Some rooms have country views and others offer an amazing view of the Arabian Range. The Queen Princess Suite offers a panoramic view of the amazing Arabian Range, Lake and Baroara Temple. The Wedding planner Often arranged to stay in luxury tents which cost 70,000 per night. The grand wedding guests of Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal stayed in that royal tent to experience the true essence of rural India.
  • Wildlife experience: Very close to Ranthambore National Park – 30 minutes walk from the property. It is a natural habitat for lions, tigers and many other wild species. Plan a jungle safari in Ranthambore National Park. Being here, you ask Wedding planner To arrange a trip to experience the spectacular Arabian sunset.
  • Local Community: This newly restored resort is one of the best Wedding destination in Rajasthan Maintains a good balance between local and nature – working with them to protect lakes and forests. Larger projects include conservation of nature, removal of invasive species, and a full-fledged planting of local and indigenous trees to build a well-balanced ecosystem. Indigenous artisans are also promoted in hotel management.
  • Delicious local food: Such a royal wedding Planner and destination There is a delicious taste of local Rajasthani food at the wedding venue. Keep an eye on your marriage Checklist For the taste of local food. The hotel’s expert chefs have opted for creativity that takes local Rajasthani cuisine to another level. Treat your wedding guests to a lip-smacking pan-Indian and Rajasthani dish. The kitchen uses only fresh, seasonal and local products to make such delicious dishes. Rani Bagh, Rouhani, Rajawat Room, Cortel – these are the most amazing food options here. Wedding Venue Six Sense Fort Barrowara.

Wondering how to plan a royal wedding Overseas wedding destination in India? Here a pre-planned strategy is needed to follow from the beginning. A Wedding planning budget First, set a budget and then start planning. Let’s take a look at some useful tips for planning your destination wedding perfectly.

  • Set a budget characteristic and priorities accordingly: Get an idea of ​​how much you can spend on a wedding. Find out which aspects are most important. Maybe you don’t want to compromise with professional photography. Then you may have to settle down with minimal decor. When it comes to a destination wedding, the biggest part Wedding planning budget Venues and guest accommodation will be booked.
  • Visit the destination in advance: When it comes to royal essence, a Wedding destination in Rajasthan Perfect. Inspect the venue in advance before finalizing it. This will help the planner to visualize and plan the actual function, how to use the space, how to arrange accommodation for all the guests, etc.
  • Local vendors can best serve: Try booking a local dealer for all your decor and kitchen supplies. This will save you extra money. If you can’t find a good local seller, look for one that travels by itself. You will find the best seller in the pre-determined Wedding planning budget.
  • Create a short guest list: Keep your guest list thinner – the most practical and economical thing to do in a destination wedding. If you want to go for a huge crowd, it is better to hire a celebrity Wedding planner
  • Make your guests feel comfortable: The Wedding planning Rooms should be allocated for the group before the arrival of guests. You must be careful to avoid last minute clutter created by rearranging the room according to personal preference. Be sure to arrange all kinds of comforts for the guests.

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